10 Go-To Spots for Vegans in London

Days out

  1. Freightliners FarmLondon’s only farm with a non-slaughter policy
©Freightliners Farm
©Freightliners Farm

Most Londoners know that the city is littered with urban farms. However, for vegans and animal lovers, the tranquil ‘at one with nature’ vibe at these farms are slightly tainted by the inevitable fate of its farmyard residents.

At Freightliners Farm, in Islington, visitors can visit the cows, goats, sheep, chickens and rabbits in the knowledge that they will be living out their days without any chance of becoming dinner.

  1. London Wetlands Centrecage free animal appreciation

The wildlife at the London Wetlands centre in Barnes is not exactly exotic. Depending on the season you may see lizards, butterflies, frogs, birds and snakes and otters if you’re lucky.

But any lack of giraffes or tigers is made up for by the fact that any wildlife spotted here is enjoying a life free from captivity.

  1. Camley Street Natural Parkcountry vibes in zone 1

A slightly scaled down version of the Wetlands Center, Camley Street National Park is a Wildlife Trust reserve at the heart of the city. No cages to be found here either and it’s free!

Shopping essentials

  1. Budgensmeat replacements that don’t leave you bankrupt

The only highstreet supermarket with a good range of vegan burgers, sausages, tofu and even BACON.

  1. The Co-opfor budget, cruelty free household bits
© Cruelty Free International
© Cruelty Free International

All co-op’s own brand products are cruelty free. For household essentials (washing up liquid, detergent, toothpaste etc) that are not extravagantly priced and are available across the city. Co-op household and basic cosmetic products are the best, if not the only, option for London’s vegans .

  1. Wholefoodsfor payday treats

Certainly not a place for a casual weekly shop if you’re on any sort of budget. However, wholefoods offers a guaranteed ‘kid in a candy shop’ moment for vegans. Expect to find any type of nut butter imaginable, wide ranges of vegan cheeses, meat replacements, puddings and even cosmetics. Just go in with a set budget to avoid spending your whole months food budget in one trip.

Joining the plant loving community

  1. Made in Hackneylearn to become a master of local, organic, plant based food
© Made in Hackney
© Made in Hackney

This community kitchen encompasses the values championed by vegans: mindful, sustainable healthy eating. They have a wide range of food classes but if you’re already a plant expert there are opportunities to volunteer and impart your food knowledge.

  1. London Vegan Meet Upconnect with fellow city vegans

Since 2007, this vegan network has been organizing events to bring together London’s vegans. Activities include bowling, karaoke, book clubs, hikes or just drinks in a bar.

Eating out

  1. Bananatreethe go-to for dinner dates with meat eating friends

Eating out exclusively at vegan restaurants is not a problem in London but eating at exclusively vegan restaurants with mainly non-vegan friends requires heavy persuasion.

Bananatree has 6 restaurants in the capital and marks it’s vegan options clearly. The Aubergine in caramel sauce alone is a reason to add this to your restaurant repertoire.

  1. Loving HutChinese food that feels naughty and guarantees to satisfy hangover cravings

What the Loving Hut lacks in terms of style and glamour it makes up for with its exclusively vegan menu which rivals some of London’s more well-known vegan restaurants. Menu highlights include shredded smoked veggie chicken, barbecue veggie ribs, crispy aromatic veggie duck and Mongolian veggie lamb. Eat it to believe it, you won’t regret it.


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