Restaurant Review: Tibits


Ever since the 80s Ikea have been bringing Scandinavian practicality to the world of home furnishing and introduced our palettes to a whole new world of delicious yet questionably sourced meatballs. In 2008 the latest Swedish export arrived in London. Tibits, situated in the haven that is Heddon Street’s food quarter just a stone’s throw from busy Regent Street, is educating Londoners on the joys of vegetarian, seasonal non-GM food.

Tibits with its sleek front, elegant clientele and elaborate al fresco dining area wouldn’t look out of place on an LA street front. This is smart vegetarian cuisine, a world away from the hippy Camden cafes that have previously dominated the London vegetarian-dining scene. Upon arrival you are asked ‘have you been to Tibits before?’ a precursor to the unique dining experience it provides. Situated ceremoniously in the middle of the light and airy top floor of the restaurant is the ‘food boat’, a buffet table filled with over 40 vegetarian and vegan hot and cold dishes which diners serve themselves.

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Reviewed – The Ghosts in Our Machine. UK premier at Hackney Picturehouse.

‘Leaving is the reason that I’m haunted’. These words from The Ghosts in Our Machine trailer encapsulate the excruciating struggle that is recognizable to any activist who chooses documentation or exposure as their method of campaigning. Although ‘The Ghosts in Our Machine’ is primarily a documentary created to highlight important animal rights issues its most successful feat is illustrating the intense pain that is felt by anyone who tries to change something in the world and the audience is left feeling these pangs…

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